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Andy's Handywork LLC

"There just isn't anyone who is working on the small stuff." 

"I just need help with a few projects but I can't find someone that isn't booked out 6 months or more!"

If this resonates with you - you're in the right place! Officially formed in 2023, I started Andy's HandyWork because comments like these kept coming up in conversation with friends, family and just talking to our community! There are several great contractors in the area, but often they are booked out for jobs or cannot take on these smaller projects. With years of experience, niche tools and a passion for working hard - I'm here to help you tackle your lists and projects so you can enjoy more time doing what matters to you. 

Look no further! Specializing in honey-do lists, things you just don't have time for and long needed maintenance tasks! Let's help you get things done! 


Give us a call for a quote and to get on our schedule! 

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